Rereleased: Vinazas: The Tequila Industry’s Dirty Little Secret


Vinazas: The Tequila Industry’s Dirty Little Secret: A Responsible Consumer’s Guide to Finding the Best Tequilas to Purchase and Drink

From August 2 to August 6, 2008, I was invited to join small batch distiller, David Suro of tequila Siembra Azúl, and a host of other educators and key people studying the cultural, anthropological, historical, and ecological aspects of the tequila industry in the beautiful Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

We would concentrate on touring distilleries specifically in Arandas and Atotonilco. David’s plan was to gather these brilliant minds together in one place and videotape a round table discussion of the issues currently affecting the Los Altos region.

Among the participants was Doctor of Anthropolgy, José de Jesús Hernández López (Pepe to his friends) from the Centro Universitario de Los Altos. He would be, and still is, my guide for this investigation.

Is your favorite brand of tequila eco-friendly, or are you directly contributing to the uncontrolled watershed pollution of the Paisaje Agavero by supporting your brand’s total disregard for the environment?

The time has come to not only drink responsibly, but to also think responsibly and purchase accordingly. This book is here to help you do just that – become a better informed consumer of agave spirits.

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