The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

Mi Vida Loca

For the past 6 years, Lisa Pietsch and I have worked hard on Tequila Aficionado Media.

Once we came up for air, we realized that we had developed a certain lifestyle that was unique to us.  We also discovered that we had a lot more experiences to share with you outside of our tequila niche.

Let me tell you how we got here.


July 2012…

I dragged myself away from a crumbling marriage in my beloved Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

My missions were to create a second tequila lifestyle supplement for USA Today. and to host as Associate Producer of Last Tequila Standing.  The assignments required me to be in Southern California, too.

As soon as my plane landed at Ontario International Airport, the projects stalled.

I felt like Wyle E. Coyote crushed by an Acme anvil.

The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

Then, my father suddenly fell ill and passed away from a rare form of heart and lung cancer.

All this in two months.

So much for picking up the pieces of my so-called life.

Suspended Animation

Everything is still a blur.  I’m not exactly sure how many days dad spent in the hospital.

Like the movie Groundhog Day, I started each morning the same way and tried to reach a different outcome.

I failed every time.

The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

I watched on Facebook as my Tequila Compadres enjoyed the final Spirits of Mexico event in Old Town San Diego.

I’d given anything to be there savoring agave spirits with them.  Instead, I kept dad company inside the cold and impersonal ICU.

Dad passed away peacefully at home in hospice care on September 23, 2012.

I spent the following year consoling my mother who suddenly found herself widowed.  Mom was married fifty-some years to the only man she had ever loved.

In that time, I managed to produce a paid article for a well known travel magazine, and signed divorce papers.

Then, I documented the triumphant arrival of the classic Tapatio Tequila into California.  I also oversaw the restructuring of Tequila Aficionado into a media company.

That last part I couldn’t do alone.  I had the help and vision of a very special lady–

Author and social media consultant, Lisa Thibault Pietsch.

Flash Forward

October 17, 2018…

It was exactly 5 years ago today that I moved to San Antonio, Texas to begin a new phase in my life—AGAIN!

Lisa and I are also domestic and business partners, now.

I’m staring out the window of our 30 foot trailer as I write this.  We’re parked at a lovely spot at the foothills surrounding Rancho Oso.

This RV park and resort is nestled within the Los Padres National Forest.  The picturesque Santa Ynez Valley of California borders the other side.

The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

We’ve just covered the Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine show for our Great Festival Chase .  The final leg will be at El Cholo Café in Pasadena.

I’ll have to admit that it was nice to get reacquainted with familiar faces, and to meet new ones at Monterey.

A tequila-phile recognized me from my social media photos and exclaimed, “He does exist!”

This gentleman and I had traded messages over the years, but we had never met in real life (irl).

That’s when I realized what Lisa had been saying to me all along—

How isolated, reserved and one dimensional I must seem.

This stems from my Hispanic upbringing–

“Don’t air your dirty laundry in public!”

The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

You’ll be amazed and astounded by the subjects Lisa and I will cover in the next phase of our life together outside of Tequila Aficionado Media and Social Media.

In my case, these could range from baseball to cigar pairings, to physical fitness and diet.

The Tequila Sensei Comes Clean

As well as, camping and RVing, opinions and rants, points and counter-points, he said-she said, anecdotes and true stories.

I’m even looking forward to discussing topics that are off limits.

There’s more to me than tequila, mezcal, and agave spirits–

But I’ll definitely touch on those, too.

Take a gander at the new look and feel of the Tequila Sensei website, then, check in from time to time.

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